Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I can hardly believe this is already my third day in Spain. Seems like I have been thinking about this for so long and the idea that it's actually here is beyond my comprehension.

I love my family - I have a madre, padre, y un hermano who is 22 years old and also a student at the university. They have a daughter too but she doesn't live with them anymore. I would assume that I'm in her room. They are so kind and generous to me. My brother speaks a touch of English which is convenient when I have no idea what my mama is saying. For the most part though, she senses my confusion and slows down and uses many many hand motions. It definitely helps. My room is nice too! Spacious but cozy. I have a desk which will be nice once the homework starts rolling it. And I also have WIFI (wee-fee in Spain haha) which is so so nice. I can't imagine not being able to stay connected with my family and friends

I'm slowly but surely getting to know the city. So glad that my mama gave me a map the first night I was here. It has been so helpful. We also have done a couple tours so thats nice. Too bad the map didn't show me exactly what building I'm in... the first day I got back to my street and could not remember... I must have tried my key in 6 different buildings. One worked so I assumed it was that one until I went to the 1st floor and tried my key in 1A and it didn't... AWKWARD. I quickly went to the store and bought minutes for my cell phone and called my mama haha thankfully, Mario (my brother) had put her number in my phone the night before. Not sure what I would have done otherwise!

Classes have been good - from what I've heard about the classes at la casa de las lenguas, there isn't going to be lots of homework. This will make up for the immense amount of reading we get to do in Spanish 308 and 309. Also - we start our direct enrollment class at the University in February. With that class, I'll technically be taking 20 credits but 308 and 309 are split up, so it's like 16 at a time. Although I'm nervous for the class load, I think this is going to be the right decision. With this, I'll only have to take my capstone at Calvin in the Fall and then I'll already be completed with my Spanish major! CRAZY - and to think I took 4 years of language in high school so I wouldn't have to take it at Calvin. God works in mysterious ways. 

We've gotten to see many sites and also on Friday, we're going to hike to the top of the mountain in Oviedo to see the Christ. From there, you can see the entire city - I am SO excited! I'm sure I'll have the most beautiful photos from it. The food here has been okay. It's definitely an adjustment. My mama loves to fry things in the pan with lots of oil and such - and if you know anything about Mama Lynn, we don't really eat like that. So my stomach is in an awkward limbo right now of adjusting to it. But like so many other things, I just need to be flexible and be grateful for the opportunity that I have here.

I love my group of students. We get along so well! It's such a great mix of people and I'm excited to further expand my group of friends. I'm especially thankful to have Lindsey with me. It's nice having someone who has known you further than the last couple weeks, or months. We are both a little homesick right now but it's nice to know we're not the only ones.

And now, some more pictures of Oviedo for those of you without facebook!

ADIOS for now :) Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Dolores!

    No sabía que no quisieras tomar el español en la universidad!! Pensaba que tomaste cuatro años aquí en CCHS porque te gustaba. :)

    Gracias por compartir de tus experiencias en el blog y en FB también. Me alegro mucho que mis viejos alumnos tengan estas oportunidades de viajar y vivir en otros países (especialmente en los donde se habla español--y ESPECIALMENTE en España :) )

    Habla mucho español, aún cuando estés con Lindsey y los otros americanos...así aprenderás lo mejor!

    Susie aka Profe Shultz aka Señorita Baas :)