Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adjustment Period

That's definitely what this past week has been. A period full of adjustments. Profa keeps saying we need to be flexible - and I have seen countless examples of this throughout the week. It's an adjustment eating at 2 and 9 instead of 12 and 6. It's an adjustment not having class until noon most days. It's an adjustment feeling lonely in my room but not knowing what else to do. It's all an adjustment. It's already improved immensely though and I am eager to see the changes that I experience and witness.

These past few days have been pretty busy - I normally go to school around 9 or 10 and do my homework prior to having class. Right now, the only day I have class before noon is Monday. So that's nice. It's a good way to get out of my house but still do something productive. Because we eat dinner so late, I don't really enjoy doing homework afterwards. Seems weird to me for some reason. And because we have had so many activities this week, I haven't really had time to figure out what to do between the time class gets done and dinner. So that'll be my adventure for next week.

This weekend, we had 2 pretty big events. Friday, we climbed up the large mountain in Oviedo in order to see the Jesucristo statue. It took us 4 hours to go up and down, with little breaks here and there, mostly to see 2 other extremely old structures on the mountain: a church, and an old house for royalty in Oviedo. Everything was gorgeous. There was a bit of fog so we couldn't see as much as we may have liked, but it was still quite a bit.

Then today, we traveled to the nearby city of Gijon. It's very similar to Oviedo except there is a beach too! This is where my mama is from so she was very excited that I was going to visit. Although we were with the Calvin group, it wasn't really one of our planned outings. For this reason, we could kind of do what we wanted. It was nice to have a little more freedom... we could wander where we wanted and return on the bus whenever we felt like it. We visited a higher view of the city, the beach, the church, a market, and then returned! But it was definitely exhausting. As soon as I got home, I took a 2 hour nap. I'm a little nervous about what the sleeping situation will be like tonight haha might pop a tylenol pm to help me out.

Tomorrow we are going to the market in the morning with some of the girls and then we have church for the first time at 6:30 - I'm pretty excited to see what church is like here. I hope I like it. I really love my church at home and definitely miss it. 

Well, here are some pics of our trip to Gijon! Hope you enjoy as much as I did. I know it's hard to grasp with just pictures but hopefully you can sense the beauty that I witnessed today. God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

Thanks for all your support! I appreciate all of it :)


  1. Adjustment period is right, it will get better each week I promise! You've done so much in your first week, how exciting, that hike looks crazy, and your city is beautiful! I look forward to stalking your post for the semester, disfrutalo! :)

  2. In a couple of weeks, your daily routine will start to seem normal. I'm glad that you had a great first week! Keep on posting--I love reading the stories behind all of the pictures I stalk on facebook! :)