Monday, March 5, 2012


Life is busy sometimes. This week is about to be one of those times.

+ recite poema
+ finish poema analysis (2 pages)
+ finish research paper (5-7 pages)
+ take final exam

So... ya know. Just the usual amount of work. OH well, once that's all done.. which it will have to be by Thursday, we'll be halfway in the semester. Prayers would be appreciated during this busy week!

One thing that I'm going to try to focus on is not complaining so much to my family. Sometimes I feel like they're the only ones I can complain too, but I think they think I'm having a miserable time. (FYI - I'm not!!!) Some days are definitely harder than others.. Sunday's in particular tend to drag along. I am so accustomed to being with family all day on Sunday and here, I'm normally just in my room by myself and church isn't until 6:30 so the day just kind of drags on. But, I am thankful for the church we have here and all the friends I have made. We tend to get together on Sunday afternoon's because we're all a little sick of being cooped up at home ... So that's nice :)

Other than that, not much is new. Life is just flying by over here in Espana :) Have a great week!!


blessed to have these people in my life :)

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